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Soup 2 Nuts Creative is a small company that can handle your needs big and small. With our staff of designers and developers S2Ns can create the print collateral you need or the web design you want. More than 20 years of experience….


These days a Custom Website designed can make or break a company. How many times have you done a search for something and you come to a website that is not appealing at all. No matter if it’s what you need people tend to go to the attractive sites for information. S2Ns can create that good looking site for you. But it will not only look good it will function well too. With our designers working closely with our developers it’s about quality design and quality functionality.


We bring 25 years of graphic design knowledge to our company. Here at S2Ns we create quality designs to a variety of print collateral. Let us help you design your brochure, postcards, annual reports, newspaper, magazine advertisements and more. The list goes on.


What do you think of when you see the Nike symbol, the Pepsi logo or the Dodge Ram. You immediately think of their product. That symbol/logo could be anywhere but you recognize it as that familiar brand. Logos are probably the most important part of your business identity. You want people to recognize you without even thinking about it. At S2Ns we can develop the logo/brand for your company to make you stand out above the crowd.


A lot of you are using some of the most popular email distribution tools. Products like Constant Contact and Mail Chimp to name a few. Yes they all have “custom” templates that you can put your information into but it doesn’t project your companies look and feel? S2Ns can create custom email design templates that can be used with these email providers.


If you are thinking about trade show displays S2Ns can create the design for you. We have developed designs for vinyl banners, desk top displays, back drops and stand up displays that have traveled around the world to various conferences. We take special care to keep with the clients branding and the concept they are wanting to present.


You need a store to sell your product, a place where folks can make a donation, but don’t want to use the “canned” stores that you can find online. S2Ns can create custom e-commerce sites that will be specific to your needs.


You hear the term CMS from different companies, but what does it stand for. CMS means Content Management Systems. What this means is your website can be built using CMS architecture. Here at S2Ns we build our sites in a tool called Word Press. With the selection of thousands of WP themes S2Ns can create custom websites that you in turn can maintain yourself. You will be made an administrator of your own site where you can change out content, photos, announcements all through your theme dashboard. You no longer have to contact the programmer to fix a simple typo or change out an image.


Soup 2 Nuts Creative can start out your Search Engine Optimization at the basic level. For some clients that is all that is needed. For clients that need more extensive SEO S2Ns has partnered up with Blizzard [Press] out of Glenwood Springs, Colorado. The folks at Blizzard [Press] are experts in Search Engine Optimization. They are all about implementing organic optimization and Pay Per Click campaigns.

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